Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wait... I Still Have A Blog?! WELCOME BACK READERS!!!

So I realize it has been an extreme amount of years since I have even touched, seen, or even thought of this blog, but I have been needing an expressive outlet of sorts so I have officially decided to dive back in! I'm going to continue to keep it simple and stick to thoughts, ideas, crafts, and recipes! Please follow along if you're in need of some inspiration or a pick me up or an internet friend to commiserate with. The Wanderer will be here when you need him!

So just to get everyone up to speed:

-I still live in West Palm Beach Florida (after a move to Pittsburgh AND Canada which will come in later posts)
-I am currently still finding a way to exit the world of retail
-I am still singing when I can find work
-Gizmo is still considered my best friend in the ENTIRE world
-And lastly, I still want to make a positive impact on everyone I come in contact with

Although things may be extremely rough at the moment, I still remember that there have been or could be worse times. No matter what I need to remember to breathe and take what life has to offer both sweet and sour. I will take EVERY moment as it comes and will celebrate every victory before I bemoan my losses! Hopefully, I can encourage others in the same life situation as myself and heck maybe we can even support each other in this crazy world of ours. :)

So once more, WELCOME BACK READERS! I hope you will follow along and I can provide some entertainment for you whether it be with food, word, or song! 

TNWM My fellow wanderers!  ~The Wanderer~

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Poetry (Original)

Tis time little ones to gather round,

Walk soft upon this hallowed ground,

Those who have passed rest ‘neath our feet,

The ones whose hearts have ceased to beat.

Move fast your feet my little one,

Look straight ahead til rise the sun,

Dwell not upon the passing graves,

The deceased souls of the good and depraved.

Be still… do you hear the Banshee’s cry?

Across the moon did a witch just fly?

Hold fast to courage and steady your heart,

From this place we must depart.

The night is closing round us fast,

The Old One watches through her looking glass.

Can she see our thoughts? Our fears etched across our faces?

This ancient witch who haunts these places…

Now I tell you children this to know,

Never alone to this place you go.

On this the night All Hallow’s eve,

Listen to the rustling of the leaves,

Play your tricks and gather your treats,

But straight away home you go when you are done…

Before the rising of the sun…

Before you rest upon your bed…

The old witch will find you instead…

So little ones gather round…

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! ~The Witchy Wanderer~

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble…

YUP it is definitely that time of year again for witches to don their pointed hats and take flight into the moonlit sky. Halloween is definitely just a mysterious, fun, spooky, and special time of the year. The “celebration” of Halloween has varied for everyone throughout the years and means different things to different cultures and people, but most can agree on one thing: IT IS FUN! Not only is it fun but it brings people together. Perhaps not in the same way as the Major Holidays, but nonetheless it unites friends and children alike in the pursuit of the most important things…creativity and fun.

I love seeing people’s costume ideas. Having done makeup and costuming myself in college, I deeply appreciate when someone can truly surprise and do something I’ve never thought of before. I also LOVE making my own costume and makeup. I have so much fun expressing myself by donning a disguise and having a night where I can totally be someone else for a while and keep people guessing as to who or what I am!

Also, parties are forte of mine. Decorations for Halloween can range from kid friendly and silly, to gothic, to downright terrifying! Me I stick with the gothic and rustic feel. There is something so ethereal and unreal about jack o lanterns surrounded by black and white lace with spider webs and bats. I love seeing antique candelabras with black candles and tabletops adorned with spooky props.

Later this week I will be showing some of my Halloween food ideas that I will be presenting at a Halloween party at my friend’s house and I would love others to use these ideas and tell me what they think!

For now though, just enjoy the atmosphere and relish in the excitement of the children and the partygoers. Enjoy the mystery and the magick of this autumn celebration and remember … Stay away from water, stay out of the sun, no broom joy riding, and by all means…don’t TP the werewolves house!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

True Love VS The Movies In Our Heads

“Don't let the imaginary person in your head keep you from loving the real one right in front of you.”

This quote has a decent amount of poignancy behind it. What do you really think true love looks like? Does it look a Handsome Hunk or Fair Maiden? Is it that perfect moment where “everything suddenly makes sense” and you end up together? Or maybe it’s the cliché boy meets girl story. Either way I think a lot of people have forgotten what love feels like or even looks like.

Love is perfectly a normal feeling. Yes its exciting and there is electricity in every touch…you DO lose yourself in each other’s eyes….you DO giggle when there’s a cute comment…you ARE meant to feel as if you were meant for each other….BUT above all…you should feel NORMAL with each other. Your life may not always be a romantic whirlwind of walks in the park and kisses in the rain…there’s also the fact that you should be BEST friends. Share stupid thoughts and embarrassing secrets. Learn the quirks of the other one. Be ok if you get bored around each other sometimes. It is OK to feel contented and normal with the one you love.

I always say that true love exists between two people because there is NO formula. The media has rather ruined relationships and the ideal of love in my opinion. Now every girl pines for an “Edward” or “Dear John” and often compare what their men should be as according to these hero type characters. Heros are great don’t get me wrong, but there is also nothing wrong with someone who is just there. Someone who can say just the right thing at just the right time or knows your favorite candy and just gets it cuz they say it and thought of you.

I digress….In short…don’t overlook your relationship just because he or she isn’t what you’ve imagined them to be. See instead who they are and remember why you loved them in the first place. Then you can live long and happy knowing your love is true. Prince Charming was in front of you the whole time.

~TNWM my Dear Friends~ Sincerely – The Wanderer

Friday, September 7, 2012

General Thought Of The Day

You can’t live with others if you cannot live with yourself first. Find the things and places that make you happy and go there when you need to escape the daily grind. Do not let the melancholy of daily living make you lose who you are and what you are all about. Do what brings you joy! Me, I love to sing and make fun crafts for every season. So yes, I will unabashedly sing in the shower if I wish! Be content. Be happy. Be YOU!!!


The Wanderer

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thoughts On Being Healthy…er

I’ve noticed lately we are re entering that phase and kick of wanting to renew lifestyles and make drastic changes to our bodies. As a people we are very unsatisfied with the realization we live a sedentary lifestyle. I too have fallen prey to this phase. I’m currently dieting and trying hard to change my lifestyle to be more sugar free and higher proteins and whole wheats. I’ve lost a lot weight and a few inches so I’m feeling good, but WHY am I doing this?

I’m doing it to feel better about myself in all aspects of my life. My confidence took a big hit last year and I’m working very hard to regain it. I’ve decided that I’m tired of looking in the mirror and not seeing myself. I’m seeing a shell of what and who I am. It’s time to reshape, reform , and renew.

Dieting and exercise is more of a battle of the mind than it is the battle of the fork. Having to think about the foods you eat is nearly as exhausting as running 2 miles a day. Also, preparing meals that fit inside your plan can be expensive. I’m thoroughly enjoying cooking all of my meals again, but the money and time spent can nearly make you want to give up….but don’t do it! It is SO worth it!

I’ve started to look great in clothes again and I’m buying sizes I haven’t worn since HIGH SCHOOL! I’m also getting much braver in my wardrobe and my personal look. Pretty soon I’m going to do something drastic to my hair…so be on the lookout for that folks….

All in all I’m both happy and PROUD of my decision to better my health and my look. I encourage everyone to take a real good look in the mirror….and LOVE yourself! No matter what you look like…BUT…if you feel you could do better thank do it! Don’t do it out of vain ambition to look like a model…do it to look like YOU!

Always remember that YES you are perfectly and wonderfully made, but your body is also a temple so keep it clean!!!

I love you all….TNWM

~The Wanderer~

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dawn In A Day of Tragedy

Today is a day when I remember how important it is to grieve not only for your own losses, but for the losses of others as well.  The massacre in Colorado is now being called the biggest mass shooting in US history…a title not proudly held.  My heart bleeds for the families who are worried for those who are injured and I’m grieving in prayer for those who lost loved ones.  Every tear I shed is a prayer in silence for the victims of this tragedy.  I pray that God will heal the lives of the people whose whole world has now been shattered by this living nightmare.


It is important for all of us to lift our eyes to heavens when things like this happen.  No matter what your race, religion, or credo we can all benefit by remembering that there is perfection out there and it can be found in a masterful Creator.  The heavens remain untouched and unblemished by all they see below.  I’m sure even the angels cast a weary eye up on this tragedy and that they also weep for the innocent lives that were lost.


Hope.  That is the most any of us can do in the face of something as awful as this.  It is the healer of time and trials.  Hope is a gift given so mankind can look beyond sorrow and find solace in true joy. I sincerely hope my readers find this a boon of peace in such a troublesome time…I love you all and pray that peace and hope descends upon you all from the heavens as we go forward from this tragedy…Shed the tears…scream the sorrows…let the world know your anguish…but ultimately seek hope…only then will we will truly grow together….and heal.

TNWM ~ the Wanderer